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Dalmatian print tote
Dalmatian print tote
Dalmatian print tote
Dalmatian print tote


Dalmatian print tote

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Who doesn't love tote bags, we surely do. It is the perfect addition to any wardrobe and a simple accessory that is both chic and functional for everyday needs.

This particular tote was designed after one of our founders performed Hajj. She found that the easiest accessory to travel with and easily go in and out of the Holy Masjids was a simple tote not but a fancy designer bag.

Totes fit more in, easy to open and close especially when you have to constantly show the contents of your bag to security at the entrances of the Holy Masjids.

Totes are are large enough to fit your shoes, for Hajj and Umrah you do need to take your shoes in with you into masjid, as long as your shoe is in a protective bag you can easily slip in to your tote so you don't need to carry an extra bag in your hand when performing religious rituals.

This tote was designed for Hajj and Umrah, but it more than that! It is also an everyday tote you can use during your daily activities and great for shopping.

The print is a fabulous dalmatian print.

Colour:  off white and black dalmatian.



Length 17"

Width 14"

strap 25"