We are currently on a hiatus. We will return in September. Unfortunately you will not be able to buy from the website until we return.


Barakah London is a luxury abaya brand founded by two sisters in the heart of London.
With a history in the field of fashion, both sisters Nasra & Sainab understand the importance of function versus style for the chic modern Muslimah. They aim to design contemporary abayas that don't compromise style, modesty & function.

The Barakah team design and sew chic abayas for Muslimahs worldwide, including exclusive clients based in London. All abayas are handmade to inspire modesty in fashion. 

The word barakah (بركة‎‎ ) means blessings. But not just any blessings, as it also means an increase in number and growth. At Barakah London we hope that our customer's lives will be filled with blessings; the kind that continuously increases with time. We wish to attain Allah's reward by helping our customers enjoy dressing modestly, thus increasing us all in barakah.