All our abayas are sold out!

Polka dot love

Over the weekend we shared on Instagram that we won an award at the Sisters In Business award ceremony. The award we won was the fashion award for 2020. 

We are super thrilled! Alhamdulillah, thank you all for voting for us. It means so much. We will strive hard to make our small company even better this year.

(We can not wait to share photos of the award ceremony once it is sent to us)

Both of the Co. founders wore 2 different polka dot Barakah London abayas at the award ceremony. Which caught the eye of many of the sisters that came in the evening as well as online.

One of the abayas is the popular polka dot sleeve abaya 29 Tis'a wa-Aishroon which you find here.

The second abaya is a polka dot cape abaya 6 Sitta wa Ashar from our previous  2017 collection. Even though the cape itself was sold out, it gathered so much attention that we have decided to make it available to order. You can now find it here.

This has never been done before, however we are super giddy from the excitement from winning that is like our way of saying thank you!

Let us know what you think of this abaya.



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