As it is Winter all the abaya fabrics are now in crepe instead of Nida. So that you will be nice and warm

High chai tea party

The Barakah London team unquestionably love tea & cake, and any occasion that calls for both is a delight for us. Now imagine our joy of being invited to the High Chai Tea Party by the high chai sisters in February.

This wasn't an ordinary tea get together, it was special because it was also a charity tea party to raise money for Rohingyans.  A great opportunity to support those in need. 

Giving is a simple act, but one that reaps abundant benefits for everyone that is involved. We personally enjoy getting involved in any way that we can. When it comes to charity sometimes the act of actually giving money is not easy for everyone, but the small acts of kindness and the commitment to assist is powerful in itself. We pray that everyone involved is rewarded and that the help reaches those in need.

The chai that was served was delightful and the sisters organizing the tea party really put in a lot of hard work the event was beautiful.

We used this special occasion to 'test' out two new abayas from the new upcoming collection. Verdict you ladies are going to love them.

The first abaya is a dove grey abaya with the ultimate favorite sleeve type, the bishop sleeve. We can not count the number of times we have been asked to make an abaya with this sleeve type. So it is only natural that we have included it in the new collection. This abaya is set apart with the continuous lines of pearls and crystals.

The second abaya, we are sure you have seen the sneak peek of it on our Instagram. It certainly put a lot of ladies in a frenzy and was the perfect introduction to our new colored collection. With our signature pearl pockets this time with added crystals, we included the same pearl and crystal design on the wrist on the sleeves of the abaya.



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