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And the bride wore Barakah london! Well to her bridal shower

We are in constant awe when we see how you ladies wear our abayas. But one of our ultimate favourite moments in 2018 was when the super gorgeous bride to be wore our abaya for her bridal shower. What we loved about this moment is in fact that the abaya was designed for her to wear at another occasion, but she chose to recycle it and wear it for her Bridal shower aswell. Now that is what we love, we pride ourselves in making timeless designs that can be worn on different occasions so that you are investing in abaya. Our thoughts instinctively were those of a proud mother seeing her baby doing well in life, (the baby obviously being the abaya). Hey! we created it and feel a particular fondness for everything we sew, that love, time and effort surely do make us attached in some way to the abayas.
And this abaya has gone down in the history of custom abayas we have made that we have LOVED. The story behind it is pretty simple, our client picked her own fabric and crystals which she bought to us for her consultation, we spoke about the silhouettes and what would flatter her figure, as well as popular designs.
The fabric was a thin light mint green chiffon, so the abaya was designed with a double layer, gathered ruffle sleeves and the most beautiful diamond shaped rhinestone crystals set in gold casing, around small pearls all sewn in a flower arrangement.
The pop of colour was exciting for us to work with, as we primarily work with black fabric, which we won't complain about as black still is our favourite colour.

But let's just say that this coloured abaya surely did open the doors for coloured collection.


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